Sunday, March 6, 2011

When Life Throws You Snow....

..... Make Maple Taffy on Snow!

You've heard of the phrase, making lemonade out of lemons... well today, Luke and I made Maple Taffy out of snow! We got another huge snowfall overnight.  Surely spring is around the corner?!!

In preparation for our trip to the sugar bush later this month, we've been learning about how maple syrup is made, so it was the perfect excuse to make Maple Taffy on Snow!  We're not getting our new 2 litre bottle for another week or so, however I still had a bit of last years maple syrup left, so that is what we used. 

How We Made Maple Taffy on Snow

1) Bring about a cup of maple syrup to a boil.  You are supposed to heat it until it reaches 235degrees F, however my candy thermometer no longer works, so I had to estimate when it reached the soft-ball stage.  I had a cup of cold water nearby and when I thought it was ready, I placed a spoonful in the cold water to see if it formed into a little soft ball...

2) Since it takes about 10-12 minutes for the syrup to reach the proper consistency, we had time to go to our back porch and fill a baking pan full of snow.  Here Luke is packing it down with his hands:

3) This picture looks like we're ignoring the age-old advice to stay away from yellow snow! LOL!! But its the best pic I have of the next step, where you pour thickened syrup in a few lines, so that you can roll it up with popsicle sticks! 
We found it worked best if you let the syrup cool off for a couple of minutes.

4) Enjoy your maple taffy pop!! Luke couldn't wait for them to  harden, he had to taste test right away!

Here are a few books we've been reading regarding the maple syrup season:


The Sugaring Off Party

Maple Syrup Season

At Grandpa's Sugar Bush

Sugaring Time

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